What Is Larb?

Larb is a dish originating from the Northeast (Isaan) region of Thailand. It is popular throughout the country and you will find it at eateries from the very North to the deep South.

Traditionally, it is eaten with sticky rice and other Isaan favorites such as green papaya salad, charcoal roasted chicken, Isaan sausage and other dishes.

How Is Larb Made?

Larb is most often made with chicken, beef, pork, duck, fish or mushroom; flavored with fish sauce, lime juice, roasted ground rice and fresh herbs.

The meat can be either raw or cooked; it is minced and mixed with chili, mint leaves and optionally assorted vegetables. Roughly ground toasted rice is also a very important component of the dish.

Who are we?


We come from the Northeast of Thailand (Isaan). Our mission is to share with you  authentic Isaan food with its unique delicious flavors. In addition to larb itself, we offer many mouth-watering dishes.

We also offer online ordering (for pick up), catering, and parties. Feel free to contact us for more information.